So here’s the deal: I organize soundtracks to my life. Very surprising, I know, given my tendency to organize and sort and list my life and all… I started doing it at the end of senior year. Sometimes my playlists are based around the event in my life, like graduation playlists in June 2012. I can still play any of those songs and remember fun and funny and terrifying and hilarious moments, because they were always playing. I have a playlist for each “summer bucket list” I made, before both junior and senior year back in high school. And when fall of my freshman year hit, and pandora and other people’s music started to become part of the soundtrack of my life, I started organizing my music into monthly folders based on when I downloaded it.  Sound has such a deep impact on us, and we internalize it in ways we’re not always aware of. But the best part, is that I’m creating auditory time capsules and they’re fabulous.

My point to all of that long ramble, was that I started to listen to some of my more nostalgic inducing months last night, and continuing this morning. Then, Alex posted on my Facebook wall forbidding my to study abroad because she’ll miss me. *cue tears* But it was so sweet and that’s why I love that girl- she’s such a good friend! Not to mention, the other night I was talking to Walter at our LLS meeting, and he casually asked if he cooked spaghetti every night for me this fall, would I stay. Like these people kill me- they’re so super sweet!!

The exciting part is… I’m studying abroad in the fall! It’s officially OFFICIAL!! I’ll be attending the Florence University of the Arts in fall 2014 Acceptedand I am so so very excited! It’s going to be such an amazing time and I know I’m going to learn SO MUCH and have some unbelievable experiences. It’s honestly going to be a 4 month or so adventure, with every moment consisting of lots of other little adventures. So I’ll just come back after and be an adventurer. And the stories. I’m a big rambler-er and a big story teller, and I plan on coming back with more stories than you’d ever think possible! So get excited, because I’lll be including some of this info right here, so you too can share in my adventuring.

Anyway, this week was also pretty big because it was the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. I’ve watched this show for so long, and it is ever heart wrenching and gut busting. And the thing is, this is my generation’s group of friends. We’re going through the stuff they just went through, and we’re looking toward their lives in our 20s and up. There’s nothing more comforting through the thick of it than getting to see people, even if they’re just characters, staying friends through everything. Now I’m getting all sentimental about this looking back, but half of what was awesome about this show was the insanity. The Robin Sparkles and the “Have you met Ted?” and the “legen…. wait for it… dary!” moments and the bangity bang song and Marshmellow and Lilypad and the doppelgängers and the flashbacks and and the NYC of it all. It was always there, and now its ended.

I guess the hardest part was that they kept flashing forward, to the inevitable fact that people move on. That our lives change, and we grow apart, or maybe together if we’re lucky, and our family is always there but we get friends as family too. And I got to watch al this with one of my very best friends here: Bethany. Now she wasn’t the biggest fan of the finale, and I’m not really sure where I fall, except for being sad there isn’t any more. Robin and Lily say in the episode that they’ll always be there for the big moments. And I guess that’s why I’m feeling nostalgic, remembering some people from high school who I thought would always be in my big moments who aren’t now and thinking about people in my life now, hoping that I’ll be lucky enough for them to stick around for those moments coming up.

Well I oughta go to bed. I’ve got an early day of clay rhino sculpting and oil painting for my classes, and I should probably get some shut eye.

<3′ Me

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