Spreading the Light

This isn’t going to be a very long post. I owe you guys and myself a really good end of the year wrap up, but I’m so proud I haven’t written in a while! I’ve been doing really well at the spontaneous living thing that most people my age do, sans the listing. I do have some updating to do, but for now I just have to share this.

I attended a Vesak Day celebration and light ceremony at the Meditation Center in Quincy last week. We were lucky enough to have one of the Monks come to our cross cultural art therapy course earlier this semester, and our Professor invited us to join in this celebration and meditation with all of them in Quincy. I went and oh my goodness the entire day really, but especially that afternoon was beyond my imagination. That day in both my Cross Cultural Practices class and my C.A.T. Studio, we exchanged art gifts, just little momentos to each other as memories and to acknowledge how much we had shared and grown together. It got me steadfast into a full on nostalgia kick, but not the bad kind like I’d been feeling. The good kind where I felt kinda numb in a soft way, where I just feel able to go with the flow and witness my feelings as they roll on through but without getting overly wavy about it all.

We- Lupa, me, Anna, and another CAT friend who we’ll call Cala- drove to Quincy in the 10308165_10203348764227315_5695557183856621279_nafternoon (after I had a great day, and bought lots of friends smoothies with my extra on campus flex dollars, and spent time on the beach with hales, and got Capt. Dusty’s with Penny & Bethany), and all the while we had just genuinely nice conversation about the future and classes and dream jobs and study abroad and adventures and all. Then we got there, and not gonna lie I felt so awkward. I mean, we were 4 very white girls showing up at a Buddhist meditation center and we had no idea where to go, and the only familiar face was our semi crazy Professor. In about 10 minutes it turned into such a fantastic experience though! They were all so welcoming and it was such a neat environment to absorb. I tried their homemade spring roles and had Tai Ice Tea. I even succeeded in having my usual klutzy moment where I knocked my entire place down, and they were apologizing to *me* and trying to help me clean it up! After that, I knew the worst had passed, and not been the worst at all.

We got to see their offering ceremonies and were invited to join in the meditation. They then had a walk around the center with candles, and then a lighting ceremony all in the name of creating and spreading peace. I know it sounds corny, the belief that meditating can create world peace, but it was so amazing to hear of people who completely believed that by embracing this form of personal peace, they could spread goodness to the world. I admire that so much.

Then, to conclude the most random evening of fantasticalness, we went over to our Professor’s house. He and his wife are two of the most random and knowledgeable people, and they are so welcoming. We got to tour their studio’s in their house and eat pizza and talk for hours. After all of that, we got surprises in the mail the other day- books our professor had been telling us about, and a little advice.

So the words I’ll leave you with at the end of all of this are his: “may you keep leaping and throwing yourself into the universe”!

Until next time,
<3′ Me


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