Summer 2014 Wishlist

So here’s the thing, I’m not making a big bucket list at all this year.

That’s weird for me. Very weird. But here’s my thinking… See last year I had my 2013 Bucket List, with 100 things I wanted to do. Some of them were really big goals, some of them were just little things. And the funny part is, some things didn’t get done and I am 100% okay with that. The things that really went something to me, they still happen. I don’t know how to explain it other than through my swirly theory that the universe will make things from my lists happen, just because I concentrate enough on them by thinking of them and writing them on my list. It probably doesn’t make any logical sense, but I’m a firm believer in magic, and this kind has been proven through the tests of time. From my 2013 list, some things just took more time to come to fruition. Like #67: See a shooting star/ meteor shower, which happened on my 20th birthday this year, or #1: Drop pennies Stargirl style for a day, which I did in Boston, and #14: Cracker Barrel, where I went with my mom this past winter. I mean I can just keep listing things- #36, #87- from this and other lists, that happen after the fact, because of the listing and the universe and all.

Some things, like #61: Pack a bug-out bag or #27: Go strawberry picking, sounded great at the time but fell off my radar and are some of those things that didn’t happen because they just weren’t as important to me  as they used to be. So, no bucket listing for me for now. I will, however, continue to post lists of my wishes for summer. And for my other adventures to come this fall when I’m abroad.

I’ll post new ideas for adventures and mark those that have passed here: My Summertime Wish List for 2014

But in the meantime, I’m going to do some painting, email about internship, and watch The Parent Trap with my loverly sister, and enjoy this moment while we’re together. See here’s the thing about my summer wish list- unlike my big bucket lists, it isn’t something made to fill every moment of boredom nor is it something I need to revolve my life around. These are just thoughts of things that have been floating around my head recently. Some will happen, and some won’t, but I’ll let them evolve on here whenever I get the chance.

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I’m filled with “that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer”. 

Lots of love,
<3′ Me

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