Sophomore Year…

I was looking through old lists today and discovered this review of Sophomore year at Endicott. Here are some of my best observations and what not from the end of my 2nd year of college:

  • You have the ability to make anything happen if you just ask
  • A knock on the door is probably not a knock on your door, i.e. knocks echo and white board markers are loud
  • 6 classes is not too many, adding 4 clubs and a job is
  • There’s a difference between being busy around people and being busy with people
  • Late night chats are the best, especially with roommates
  • Making a pact to survive the semester works
  • ‘Never Have I Ever’ is possibly the best way invented to get to know your friends
  • Communicating thru fb messages, wall posts, texts, in person, and juggling what all the subtext means is messy and confusing
  • ^Thats what friends are for
  • Boys are also confusing
  • ^Thats also what friends are for
  • Save your on campus flex til the end
  • Savor every beach day
  • ^Tupper always smells, brindle is like grass above the beach, I suggest Winthrop at low tide
  • Salem light pollution can actually be really beautiful
  • Stay open to new things
  • Shraytown is always right
  • Twinkly lights are technically dorm room illegal, but if the under construction dining hall uses them, you can too
  • Allergies suck but spring sea air is beautiful: you can have both or none
  • Mental breakdowns are both normal and accepted, try yo do them around friends
  • Do not share drinks, every season is mono season in college
  • Do ASB
  • Staying up late is the fastest way to meet and make new friends
  • Enjoy the long hours of being forced to do art, you’ll miss it and learn to make time for it
  • Laughter really is the best medicine
  • Be resourceful: dining hall dishes make great dorm room dishes, mirrors are white boards, AC vent covers are fridge doors
  • Netflix and prides nights are underrated
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