2013 Bucket List

100 things to do in the next 365 days:

  1. Do a 30 Day challenge
  2. Gratitude journal 
  3. 26 Random Acts of Kindness
  4. Summer EC hangout sesh
  5. Learn to pick a lock
  6. Ride a camel/ elephant
  7. Send in a Post Secret postcard
  8. Do something spontaneous
  9. Go sailing
  10. Babysit in Newburyport
  11. Go to NYC for a weekend
  12. Pack up my room at home
  13. Drop pennies Stargirl style for a day
  14. Cracker Barrel
  15. Make a melted crayon picture
  16. Spend a day doing nothing
  17. No internet (social media) for 24 hours
  18. No phone/ texting for 24 hours
  19. List 101 things that make me happy
  20. Be an NSM <replaced with>   Spring Week
  21. Date
  22. Work at a camp  <replaced with> Make Dex & Draco
  23. Reverse Birthday
  24. Buy a new camera
  25. Buy something cool at an antique shop
  26. Do a “mirror fast”
  27. Go strawberry picking
  28. Take summer courses (STATS Online)
  29. Make jello with fruit inside
  30. Dorm Disney movie marathon
  31. Friendly’s
  32. See Beckiboo graduate
  33. Make ramen
  34. Have an internship
  35. Get a favorite picture with each of my friend
  36. Pocałuj mnie
  37. Be silent for 24 hours
  38. Try to ice skate
  39. Cook on a barbecue
  40. Go to Santa’s village
  41. Have a college night
  42. Stay in touch with friends
  43. Build a snowman at college
  44. Stare at snowflakes falling
  45. Work on my creative journal
  46. Add a psych minor
  47. Have a  picnic
  48. Classy night on the town in Beverly
  49. See a show in Boston NYC
  50. Become a peer tutor
  51. Try a new food from my foods list
  52. Throwback movie marathon with Beckiboo
  53. Make paper cranes for my dorm room
  54. Beach day
  55. Earn $3000 for my study abroad fund
  56. “First” day of spring beach party
  57. Annual Causeway pic
  58. Plant a tree
  59. Go vegetarian for a week
  60. Get lost (and found)
  61. Pack a bug-out bag
  62. Photoshoot with Beckiboo
  63. Whiten my teeth
  64. Picture a day for a year
  65. See fireworks
  66. Eat raspberries off my fingers
  67. See a shooting star/ meteor shower
  68. Full zombie make-up
  69. Dye a piece of my hair
  70. Dress up night with Lexus
  71. Make Mom a special Mother’s day surprise
  72. Send a message in a bottle
  73. Donate blood
  74. Make a secret hideaway book
  75. Smoosh a penny on the train tracks
  76. Go sugar-free for 30 days
  77. Learn the sign language alphabet
  78. Henna
  79. Relay for Life
  80. Recycle
  81. Positive & negative thought jars
  82. Drink 2 (more) cups of water a day
  83. Photo Box
  84. Make a layered graffiti canvas
  85. Dream board
  86. Exercise (a little)
  87. Summer day of relaxation
  88. Clean out my closet
  89. Movie watch list
  90. TV show watch list
  91. Crafting list
  92. Go on a family vacation
  93. Advertise around
  94. Move into a new house
  95. Self letters
  96. Sell things I don’t need
  97. Give away books with meaning
  98.  Shell hanging mobile
  99. Summer outdoor movie party
  100. Decorate a tree w/ hanging candles in glass

So, what'd you think? Let me know any questions or comments and I'll try my best to reply!

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