College Bucket List

  1. Graduate
  2. Explore every beach on campus
  3. Take a picture with the mascot
  4. Take a weekend trip to NYC
  5. Visit my friends’ campuses
  6. Go vegetarian for a week
  7. Protest something
  8. Weekend road trip
  9. Steal a street sign
  10. Study abroad
  11. Get an internship
  12. Join a club
  13. Do a sport
  14. Go to a party
  15. Go to the gym
  16. Attend a sporting event
  17. Go to an away game
  18. Explore Beverly
  19. Vote
  20. Eat at every dining hall-ish place
  21. Give Mattie and Ella a tour of campus
  22. Get at least 1 minor
  23. Walk campus in the early morning/ late at night (with no one around)
  24. Figure out how to use the shuttle
  25. Do Halloween in Salem
  26. Party on the VPAC roof/ deck area
  27. Collection of info sheets from art gallery visits
  28. Sell a piece of art
  29. Night swimming
  30. Jump into Doc’s pool
  31. Be an NSM
  32. Boston weekend
  33. Solo Newburyport visit
  34. Get the most out of everything!
  35. Float in the ocean all afternoon
  36. Picnic on an island
  37. Travel everywhere!

So, what'd you think? Let me know any questions or comments and I'll try my best to reply!

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