Summer Bucket List 2012

  1. drive with the top down in rain
  2. lay outside for a whole rainstorm
  3. eat slushes on someone’s roof
  4. go on swings in the rain
  5. slip n’ slide
  6. beach day
  7. swim at Mads’ pool
  8. have a Zombie Day
  9. explore somewhere new
  10. road trip
  11. have a picnic in my meadow
  12. catch lightning bugs
  13. have a “yes day”
  14. go night swimming
  15. knock down part of a house
  16. wish on a shooting star
  17. take a boat trip
  18. make s’mores with nutella
  19. fill a stamp card at Pinkberry
  20. pay for car behind me at a drive-thru
  21. carve my name into a tree
  22. see fireworks
  23. play frisbee on beach
  24. scrapbooking
  25. Brianna’s graduation
  26. Feel Good Festival
  27. have an egg drop
  28. learn to drive stick
  29. pen pals w/ my friend at camp
  30. rebel
  31. have a 90’s day
  32. tie dye
  33. college orientation
  34. classic movie marathon night
  35. Papa Gino’s uniform bonfire
  36. make a blog or tumblr
  37. intense banana split with a cherry on top for dinner
  38. chalk my entire driveway
  39. time capsule video
  40. make a melted crayon canvas painting
  41. post-it note a car
  42. Container Store sale night palooza
  43. fill a jar of origami stars
  44. solo Newburyport trip
  45. go off soda for 2 weeks
  46. finger paint
  47. room de-cluttering!
  48. AFIs 10 top 10:
    a. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    b. City Lights
    c. The Searchers
    d. Raging Bull
    e. Vertigo
    f. The Wizard of Oz
    g. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    h. The Godfather
    i. To Kill a Mockingbird
    j.  Lawrence of Arabia
  49. finish my entire Summer Bucket List
  50. Any suggestions???

3 Responses to Summer Bucket List 2012

  1. We really like you list! Check out ours at
    Happy Summer
    Alicia and Molly

  2. Hi I also have a summer bucket list blog! Check it out? Thanks!

  3. This is great! I’m doing one too!
    Looking forward to seeing what you check off!

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